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Interested in Hiring Landscapers in Rothbury? Getting Started Is Easy

The idea of home and yard improvements sound appealing to many of us. For whatever reason, though, they often end up sitting in gestation for months or years. Even if you have a vision for what you want your home renovation or outdoor landscaping project to look like, the process of finding a contractor or landscaper to carry out the project just seems daunting. As a result, projects like these tend to get put off.

At Novascape Landscaping Pty Ltd, we want to help you move past that mental block so you can realise your vision. As experienced landscapers in Rothbury, we can add new levels of aesthetic beauty to your home and yard with our unique and tasteful designs. Perhaps best of all, the process of hiring us for the job is as easy as jumping online and filling out an enquiry form.

Indeed, to get started, all you have to do is click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you will find a form asking for your basic contact information (name, phone number, email), the address of the site where the landscaping work is to take place, your billing address (if different from the site address) and your ballpark project budget.

Once you’ve filled out the form, just click ‘Submit.’ As a final step, send a site plan of your property (e.g. the map that outlines your property lines, easements and other details) to Our landscapers in Rothbury will look over your enquiry form and site plan immediately and get back to you ASAP. We’ll plan a site visit to see your project site and start brainstorming ideas, and then we’ll get to work. Hiring landscapers has never been this painless!