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Novascape Landscaping: Licenced Landscapers in The Vintage That You Can Trust

At its best, landscaping work can breathe new life into your property, lending new levels of beauty and kerb appeal. With that said, though, you would never want to entrust the landscaping of your residential property to an unqualified person. The results of doing so could be anything from incomplete work to wildly over-budget projects. Some homeowners have even dealt with ‘landscapers’ who asked for an upfront deposit and then disappeared without doing any work.

At Novascape Landscaping Pty Ltd, we want you to be able to trust us as your landscapers in The Vintage. We have been providing landscaping work in the area (both for residential clients and commercial properties) for almost ten years. This extensive experience isn’t the only feather in our cap. We also have a history of happy clients and successful projects. You can read about some of these in case studies on our website.

Perhaps most importantly, we have fully licenced professionals, accredited and certified in what we do. Specifically, we are licenced under Schedule 5 of the 2004 Home Building Regulation. This particular licence permits us to offer structural landscaping services to any client. Since our licence is in ‘structural landscaping,’ it qualifies us not only to do work with lawns, gardens and woodchips but also with pergolas, water features, driveways, retaining walls and much more.

In short, as licenced landscapers in The Vintage, the Novascape Landscaping team can handle a versatile range of yard-related projects. Best of all, because we are licenced and have a stellar track record in the area, you can trust us to provide beautiful work, as laid out in a pre-project design concept, at a budget that you have approved. Learn more by giving us a call on 0249537979.