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For All your Landscaping Needs in Broke, Call Novascape Landscaping

Is a steep and sloping garden preventing you from creating that beautiful Aussie bush oasis? Have the challenges of your uneven plot caused you to put your outdoor space in the “too hard” basket, a job for another day that just never seems to come? Do you dream in sandstone abundance? It sounds like it is time to call in Broke’s landscaping professionals!

At Novascape Landscaping in Broke, we pride ourselves on creating solutions for your retaining wall problems. Sandstone is available in either rock or small slab formations, depending on the required level of structural integrity. Sandstone rock walls are great for small gardens. They look fabulous, and we love the challenge that the puzzle of building them in structurally sound ways brings. Due to the nature of the uneven rocks, sandstone rock best suits the surround of low-level garden beds.

For higher retaining walls, with long term standing and durability in mind, sandstone logs look fantastic when used a retaining wall material. The individual pieces are more consistent in their shape than rocks, meaning we can stack them higher and give depth and character to your steep garden in Broke.

Bring in the sandstone gurus today, and let our landscaping professionals in Broke create the ultimate sandstone haven in your Broke garden. We can work directly from the plans or arrange to meet you onsite to discuss your sandstone needs. Call us on 4953 7979 and let’s get creating!