Landscaping Shrubs in Newcastle Can Transform an Outdoor Space

Most gardeners and landscapers design gardens with annual and perennial flowers in mind, but there is something to be said about a colorful shrub or bush. Choosing the right landscaping shrubs in Newcastle can transform an outdoor space.

Shrubs and bushes come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. A qualified landscaper can help you pick the right type of shrub for your particular yard. He can guide you in making decisions like what is the right location in the garden for maximum health and growth and how close should the shrubs be placed to other plants. Other factors you will need to consider are how easy will the shrub or bush be to maintain and does it fit in with the rest of the landscape?

Shrubs also have practical functions as well. Smaller shrubs like the juniper can be used to stop erosion on a slope, while larger ones are planted closer to the house to help with climate control in the extreme heat and frigid cold. Landscapers also like to use them as accent pieces around pools and patios. Some shrubs have the capability to become ten feet tall so talk to your landscaper about what type is best for your property.

Each species of shrub is suited for different climates so you need to keep in mind optimum growing conditions when making your selection. Boxwood and spirea love the heat and don’t need a lot of water while bushes like the arborvitae and the blueberry are tolerant of the cold. Make sure you choose a qualified landscaping company in Newcastle to help you pick your shrubbery and design your outdoor space.