Retaining Walls – Nulkaba 2017-05-26T19:12:33+00:00

Create the best garden in Nulkaba with some beautiful retaining walls.

Sometimes, we must build things for practicality, and others we get to build for their aesthetically pleasing qualities. Why not have both in your Nulkaba garden? To have your dream home in the bush, you had to settle with an uneven plot of land. What on earth can you do with it you wonder? This dilemma is where the professionals at Novascape Landscaping come to the rescue!

We can design retaining walls into your Nulkaba garden to curb the effects of your steep property. Those uneven ground spaces will become an issue of the past as we create spaces on your property that will ensure it truly flourishes! The best part?! Practicality has never looked so good!

Aesthetics and functionality will come together in our designs for your garden space, and those retaining walls will stand out as a stunning feature. Whether post and rail designs, bush rock or sandstone, we can create garden dividers and fencing solutions to suit any budget and any goal.

Our team will work side-by-side with you to not only recommend the best wall for the job with the utmost structural integrity but will take your personal design ideas into account too, developing a vision for your space that functions well and looks great!

Call in the Nulkaba retaining walls and design professionals today, and let us begin designing you a unique and beautiful garden space. Give our office a ring on 4953 7979.