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Thinking of Ideas for your Garden? How about Retaining Walls for your Pokolbin Property?

There comes a time when eventually you’ve tried every plant you can think of and moved flowerbeds to different areas of your yard, but still can’t seem to create the vision you first had for your garden. Don’t worry, because this happens often, and it’s a bit like an author having writer’s block. You know there must be something else you can do, but you just can’t think of what to try next.

Perhaps you’re thinking too “2D”. How about making your garden into a multi-level affair by adding retaining walls to your Pokolbin property? Retaining walls aren’t difficult to build and can have a variety of materials in their construction. Some of the most popular these days are bushrock, segmental block, and sandstone rock. Any of these materials can make an effective wall, which will “layer” your garden with multi-level flowerbeds.

If you don’t fancy using stones for retaining walls in your Pokolbin garden, a fantastic alternative is timber crib. This modern type of retaining wall is just as sturdy and looks very striking in a modern garden.

Of course, not everyone is a dab-hand at construction, so if you need a landscaper to create your wall for you, then speak to Novascape, who has been building retaining walls in Pokolbin since 2005. With over a decade of experience, you can trust us to do an exceptional job, and then all you need to think about is the plants you intend to grow.