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Create Custom Retaining Walls at The Vintage

An unforgettable environment demands equally extraordinary landscaping. Flanked by Hunter Valley peaks and fair-lanes, your home at The Vintage offers spectacular views. Those views don’t quite extend to your back-garden, however – where awkward lines and dull grass can sometimes reign. It’s a sad patch of brown that neither inspires nor pleases.

Allow Novascape to transform it. We redefine every space, delivering retaining walls to The Vintage. These options promise dynamic textures, fusing terraced constructions with quality materials (including timber, bushrock, segmental blocks, sandstone, gabions, and concrete). Their natural finishes perfectly complement the Hunter Valley, turning every garden into a showcase.

We pair all retaining walls at The Vintage with dedicated support – carefully assessing each site to ascertain the necessary heights, best materials, and most efficient designs. We generate bespoke plans for every client, ensuring that their landscaping goals are all met (and exceeded). Our experienced team guides each homeowner through the construction process, instilling full confidence with every decision.

Through this process, we strive to maximise every inch of space – with our retaining walls at The Vintage serving as ideal garden beds, stairways, and more. We offer custom designs with every installation, allowing properties to impress from every angle.

Let us now do the same for you. Contact our team today by phone (02-4953-7979), by email (, or by sending an online enquiry. We’ll happily schedule a personal consultation at The Vintage, connecting you to the tailored results you are seeking.