When you Dream of a Backyard Oasis, Hire a Knowledgeable Landscaper in Cardiff

Are you tired of keeping the slider door closed so you won’t have to look at the backyard? Does the sight of overgrown grass, unruly plants and unkempt planter beds make you wish you lived in an apartment? Don’t let an embarrassing yard keep you …read more .

Improve the Appearance of Your Lawn with Beautiful Turf – Contact a Landscaper in Cooks Hill

Various elements go into making a garden look beautiful. Significant features such as gazebos, paving stones, patios and the like take effort, and many people focus on these construction projects in their effort to build incredible, functional outdoor …read more .

Considerations to Make When Seeking a Landscaper in Merewether

Finding a good landscaper in Merewether requires quite a bit of attention. You want to think about quite a few things when making a choice about the landscaping company that you use to clean up and maintain your outdoor space. From putting in new turf to …read more .

Warners Bay Landscaper Invites you into the Yard this Summer

The sun is shining and it’s time for a complete yard redo! When you’re thinking about revamping a dull garden why not hire a professional landscaper in Warners Bay? At Novascape Landscaping, we are Australia’s top landscaping company, handling a …read more .

Trained and Qualified Landscapers in Cardiff Transform your Garden from Meagre to Amazing

Imagine a vast open space behind your home and you’re sitting on your brand new deck enjoying the freshly planted flowers and scenic backdrop as you sip an iced beverage. These dreams can be a reality with Novascape Landscape. We offer a host of services …read more .

Find Commercial Landscapers in Cooks Hill to Keep Your Business Beautiful

Business owners have numerous considerations in their daily operations, and those who maintain a regular base of operations should put a great deal of thought into their kerb appeal. Potential customers put a lot of stock in the way that a business …read more .

Outdoor Space Run Down? Here’s How Landscapers in Merewether Can Help

The outdoor space of a property says a lot about what is going on inside. So when your outdoor space starts looking slightly worn down, that means it is usually time for a yard renovation. There are a lot of little things that can be done to touch up an …read more .

Warners Bay Landscapers work Miracles for Homeowners

What’s the secret to a well-kept garden in Australia? The residents of Warners Bay all know that the secret to fantastically designed yards is using specialised landscapers. At Novascape Landscaping, we offer a host of services by a team of dedicated …read more .

Why everyone will Benefit from Professional Landscaping in Cardiff

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How Superior Landscaping in Cooks Hill Can Boost Your Kerb Appeal

Whether a home sale is on the horizon or not, homeowners should always be thinking about the value of their property. And one of the key factors in any property’s value is its kerb appeal. The way that a property looks on the outside is incredibly …read more .

Build a Beautiful Retaining Wall by Contacting Landscaping in Merewether

There’s a lot to think about when you need a retaining wall for your garden. A retaining wall is far more than an ornamental component for an outdoor space. It is also a structural element, which means that when you are choosing a company to …read more .

Hire Novascape Landscaping in Warners Bay and Love your Garden Again!

Do you want to end the relationship with your yard? Are you feeling unsatisfied with the look and feel of your outdoor space? Instead of breaking up with your back or front yard, why not revitalise it using landscaping services in Warners Bay? At Novascape …read more .

Design Your Garden with the Help of an Experienced Landscaper in Branxton

When you want only the best landscaping assistance, schedule an appointment with a landscaper in Branxton to meet your needs. Novascape Landscaping puts your priorities first and will listen to your ideas to draw up the perfect design ideas just for …read more.

Design a Luring Garden with the Help of a Landscaper in Cessnock

Do you want to add a unique flare to your home? Let Novascape Landscaping take your yard to the next level. Our landscaper in Cessnock can provide the creative vision that you need to develop ideas for your new garden. …read more.

Choose a WHS Compliant Landscaper in Pokolbin

With every project comes paperwork – endless stacks of black ink and red tape, all demanding full compliance with every Work Health and Safety (WHS) demand. This bureaucratic documentation has left you overwhelmed, with the final stages of your …read more.

Discover the Creative Services Offered by Landscapers in Branxton

The landscapers at Novascape Landscaping are available to make your dreams come true. We know that building a garden from scratch can be time-consuming, which is why we offer our services to make the process easier. Our landscapers in Branxton have an eye …read more.

Let the Landscapers in Cessnock Build Your Beautiful Garden

The landscape and gardening specialists at Novascape Landscaping are passionate about building the garden that you have always wanted. The landscapers in Cessnock can decide exactly where you want to place garden beds, stepping stones, and irrigation …read more.

Landscapers in Pokolbin Deliver Maximum Resale Value

The impression is less than favourable. Tucked behind that “For Sale” sign is an ugly span of brown grass and shaggy hedges, with a sidewalk winding precariously through pollen-dusted weeds. Potential buyers gingerly step through the overgrowth, their …read more.

Build Your Dream Garden with Landscaping Services in Branxton

Novascape Landscaping provides the type of landscaping services in Branxton that you need to create the perfect garden for your home or business. Why not enhance the appearance of your property with natural designs that will result in a relaxing …read more.

Improve the Looks of Your Yard with Our Landscaping Services in Cessnock

When you want to create a beautiful lawn design, look no further than the landscaping experts in Cessnock. Novascape Landscaping takes pride in building the garden that you have always envisioned. We provide the support that you need to create your exotic …read more.

Seek Landscaping Services in Pokolbin

It’s a tangle of weeds and cracked pavers – the faint outline of a garden now overgrown. You stare at the dull stretch of grass and sigh. Your garden is not the peaceful paradise you once envisioned. Instead, it’s an unsightly mess, with every …read more.

Give Your Garden an Aesthetic Appeal with Retaining Walls Built by a Landscaper in Branxton

Novascape Landscaping can handle any request that you have when designing your outdoor garden. We can incorporate any retaining wall that have in mind. We will help you choose the perfect retaining walls developed by a landscaper in Branxton …read more.

Accentuate Your New Garden with Retaining Walls Built by Landscapers in Huntlee

Turn your yard into an artistic masterpiece with the help of Novascape Landscaping. Our design services can help you decide exactly what you want for any empty areas in your yard. The essence of creating a garden starts with the design process before …read more.

Dominic Gleeson: Our most experienced landscaper in Broke.

Looking at starting a new garden project on your Broke property? Look no further than Novascape Landscaping. With 13 years of experience notched on his belt and over 800 gardens built under his instruction and design in that time, you could not be in …read more.

Looking to Spruce up the Area outside your Office? Call Novascape, your Landscaper in Huntlee

We’ve seen it time and time again. The manager of a company decides the outside of the building is a mess, and he takes it upon himself to give it a makeover. A few pot-plants here and there, maybe a flower bed or even a makeshift pond appears over a …read more.

Who’s the Best Landscaper Nulkaba Can Provide? We Have Some Ideas:

You care about your property, or you’d never have invested in it, to begin with. That said, property requires maintenance to keep its value up and to stay visually appealing. You don’t want to sink tonnes of money into a property and then let it deteriorate …read more.

Enhance the Kerb Appeal of Your Home: Call a Landscaper in Rothbury Today

Are you preparing to put your home on the market and hoping to increase its chances of selling quickly (and at a favourable price)? Are you planning a family reunion at your home and making improvements to impress your visitors? Do you just want to …read more.

Not Sure What Direction to Take Your Garden? Consult with Our Landscaper in The Vintage

Perhaps you just moved into a new home, and you want to spice up the property with a bit of landscaping. Maybe you have been saving up to make some improvements on your residential property and have made landscaping a part of your list. Either way …read more.

Take the Hassle out of Designing your Garden, with our Designers and landscapers in Broke.

Summer is fast approaching, and what better way to spend it as a true blue Australian than outside in the garden? Picture this: enjoying the balmy evenings with friends and family. Relaxing under the shade of a great big tree as the last of the afternoon …read more.

Ever Thought About Working Outside for a Living? Join our Team of Landscapers in Huntlee

Are you a keen gardener that loves spending time outside in your garden tending to trees, shrubs and plants? Are you also good with your hands, with the ability to build a wall or erect a fence? If so, then you could turn your hobby into a career by …read more.

Need Landscapers Nulkaba Can Rely On? Try These Guys

Landscaping is the perfect way for you to spruce up the grounds of your property (pun intended!). It allows you to turn your lawn into a work of art, your driveway into a conversation piece, or your deck into a spectacular ornament. But for this to be …read more.

Interested in Hiring Landscapers in Rothbury? Getting Started Is Easy

The idea of home and yard improvements sound appealing to many of us. For whatever reason, though, they often end up sitting in gestation for months or years. Even if you have a vision for what you want your home renovation or outdoor landscaping proj …read more.

Novascape Landscaping: Licenced Landscapers in The Vintage That You Can Trust

At its best, landscaping work can breathe new life into your property, lending new levels of beauty and kerb appeal. With that said, though, you would never want to entrust the landscaping of your residential property to an unqualified person. The …read more.

For All your Landscaping Needs in Broke, Call Novascape Landscaping

Is a steep and sloping garden preventing you from creating that beautiful Aussie bush oasis? Have the challenges of your uneven plot caused you to put your outdoor space in the “too hard” basket, a job for another day that just never seems to come? Do …read more.

Increase your Property Value with Landscaping in Huntlee

Have you ever taken a drive around the various neighbourhoods in your local area? If you have, then you will have noticed that some properties look a lot different than others, even if the size of their plot and general shape of the house is approxi …read more.

Trying to Find Landscaping? Nulkaba Residents Can Count on This Company for Results

Landscaping is a great way to get the area around your property looking its best, but the wrong landscaper can do more harm than good. If you plan to hire professionals to beautify your lawn, garden or other outdoor areas, you shouldn’t settle for anyt …read more.

In Need of Landscaping in The Vintage? Call Novascape Landscaping Today

When you come back home—whether from a multi-week vacation or just a regular day at work—you should be able to pull into your driveway and bask in the beauty of your property. Your home and the property on which it rests constitutes one of the …read more.

What Are Gabions? Learning about a Key Retaining Wall Type Available in Broke

At Novascape Landscaping Pty Ltd, one of our core specialities as a business is retaining walls. As a licenced structural landscaper, we are qualified and experienced in the art of designing and building retaining walls—both for structural and aes …read more.

Choosing the Right Style of Retaining Walls for Your Cessnock Landscaping Project

Retaining walls are multi-function installations for a garden or landscaping project. It’s true that a retaining wall can hold soils in place, prevent erosion, reduce the risk of flooding, protect property and create usable areas of flat ground where …read more.

Create the best garden in Nulkaba with some beautiful retaining walls.

Sometimes, we must build things for practicality, and others we get to build for their aesthetically pleasing qualities. Why not have both in your Nulkaba garden? To have your dream home in the bush, you had to settle with an uneven plot of land …read more.

Thinking of Ideas for your Garden? How about Retaining Walls for your Pokolbin Property?

There comes a time when eventually you’ve tried every plant you can think of and moved flowerbeds to different areas of your yard, but still can’t seem to create the vision you first had for your garden. Don’t worry, because this happens often, and …read more.

Need a Landscaper Who Can Handle Retaining Walls? Rothbury Residents Can Trust This Company

Lots of people out there in Rothbury will tell you that they know how to do landscaping. That may be true on some level, but it’s very rarely entirely accurate. For instance, it’s one thing to dig up a backyard, but it’s another entirely to install …read more.

Create Custom Retaining Walls at The Vintage

An unforgettable environment demands equally extraordinary landscaping. Flanked by Hunter Valley peaks and fair-lanes, your home at The Vintage offers spectacular views. Those views don’t quite extend to your back-garden, however – where awkward lines …read more.

The Importance of Commercial Landscaping (And Who to Call for Such a Service in Rothbury)

When it comes to planning an annual budget for your business, landscaping isn’t necessarily the first expense you will consider. However, particularly if you host customers, clients or potential partners at your business headquarters, thinking …read more.

Increase the Usable Space of Your Home; Hire a Deck Builder in Newcastle Today

Do you feel your home is a bit too small? Do you want a space where you can entertain guests in the summertime or share meals with your friends or extended family? Do you like the idea of having multiple different types of usable space …read more.

Create a Decking Installation That Complements Your Landscaping; Choose Novascope Limited as Your Deck Builders in Newcastle

In many cases, homeowners will think of their decks as extensions of their houses. This perception makes sense: usually, you can step out your back door onto your deck. It really does feel like a part of your house. …read more.

Choosing the Right Hardwood for Your Deck Installation in Newcastle

At Novascope Limited, we pride ourselves on our beautiful timber decking projects. While we can work with a vast range of timbers, we most commonly cycle between four different kinds of wood: Merbau, Jarrah, treated pine, and mixed …read more.

Questions You May Have for Your Decking Company in Newcastle (And Novascope’s Answers)

When you plan to hire a custom decking company in Newcastle, you want to do your homework. Not every deck builder is as experienced, insured, or reputable as you would like them to be. As such, there are a few questions you should ask any deck …read more.

What You Need to Know about Decks and Bushfires in Hunter Valley

Have you been thinking about investing in a new deck in Hunter Valley? If you don’t use your property’s outdoor areas as much as you would like to, a decking installation is a terrific way to change that. With a deck, you will feel more …read more.

The Benefits of Investing in Decks in Newcastle

Have you been thinking of adding a deck to your home? At Novascope Limited, we are professionals at building a range of timber decks in Newcastle. We can help you design and create the ultimate outdoor space for your home and yard. …read more.

Add Shade to Your Garden or Deck Area, with Pergolas from Novascope Limited in Hunter Valley

One of the big benefits of having a spacious deck or patio area is that you get a spot where you can enjoy the outdoors. Add a swimming pool, and that outdoor space becomes particularly splendid. The problem is that Australia’s harsh …read more.

Build Your Dream Deck; Add Bench Seats, Pergolas, and Other Features with the Help of Newcastle’s Novascope Limited

At Novascope Limited, we believe that if you are going to invest the time and money necessary to add a decking installation to your existing home, then you deserve to end up with the deck of your dreams. Our team, with more than 30 years …read more.

Composite versus Timber: Why You Should Opt for a Timber Deck Builder in Newcastle

If you are thinking about adding a decking installation to your home in Newcastle, you are probably wondering about the corresponding pros and cons of composite and timber decks. While you might think of timber decks as the more …read more.

Novascope Limited: Your Experienced Timber Deck Builders in Newcastle

When Novascope Limited got its start in 2005, we were focusing largely on landscaping. Lawns, gardens, retaining walls, drainage, irrigation: these services were the bread and butter of what we had to offer. We served residential and …read more.