It’s been another sensational year at Novascape Landscaping. Thank you for your support.

We’ve been involved in a massive range of exciting commercial and domestic projects and now we’re very ready for a break.

We’ll down tools at 12 midday on Friday December 23.

We’ll be back on the job at 9am on Wednesday January 11.

If you’re struggling to find that last Christmas present – we’ve got two hot tips:

Ficus Black Ischia

We’re really into fruit trees at the moment. Choosing the right tree depends a lot on the size you are looking for. One we love is the Ficus Black Ischia. It produces delicious soft fruit that you can pick and eat straight from the tree. It’s so nice to be able to walk around your garden eating your own produce. Try it.

Corymbia Ficifolia

We also love the form and colour that Corymbia Ficifolia brings to any garden. More commonly know as the red flowering gum, these are spectacular trees originally from Western Australia – but bred for Eastern Australian conditions – that grow to about 5 metres in height. They produce vibrant red flowers loved by birds and bees and are truly spectacular trees.

Have a safe and happy Christmas from all of us at Novascape.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!

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