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Choosing the Right Hardwood for Your Deck Installation in Newcastle

At Novascope Limited, we pride ourselves on our beautiful timber decking projects. While we can work with a vast range of timbers, we most commonly cycle between four different kinds of wood: Merbau, Jarrah, treated pine, and mixed Australian hardwood. If you are preparing to invest in a deck installation in Newcastle, you might be wondering which type of timber is ideal for your project. Answering the questions below will help you decide.

  • What is your preferred colour? Timber decks can run quite the range in colour, which means that your preferred shade might impact which wood variety you choose. For a darker wood, Jarrah is fabulous, providing a natural reddish-brown colour that is rustic and gorgeous. If you need a lighter coloured timber, treated pine will be more up your alley. Merbau and mixed Australian hardwood are somewhere in between.
  • What is your budget? Timber deck installations in Newcastle are less expensive than many types of home improvements. Still, the cost can vary significantly depending on your choice of timber. Treated pine, for instance, is cheaper than Merbau and Jarrah.
  • What do you require regarding durability? For a durable deck, you will need a hard-wearing timber that is weather and water resistant. At Novascope Limited, all our preferred wood types are durable and reliable. Even treated pine, despite its lower cost than our hardwood options, is weather and termite resistant.

If you have a specific price range or aesthetic in mind, our team at Novascope can walk you through our available timber options and help you find the right wood for the job. To learn more about our timber selection or to schedule your deck installation in Newcastle, give us a ring on 0249537979.