We’ve been using EcoBlow to blow in landscaping materials for about a year now. We’re really happy with their work. When access to a project is limited, EcoBlow can get the materials in. Now, EcoBlow are offering Tradie Demos!

What EcoBlow blow

EcoBlow blow a range of materials. We mostly get them to install soil on steep areas or in planter boxes and mulches. but they can install soil, top-dressing, 15mm pine bark mulch, forest mulch, 10–14mm aggregate and soft fall (the mulch used under play equipment).

Why we use EcoBlow

There are four reasons why we get EcoBlow involved on our jobs:

  1. Blowing allows us to get materials into places we can’t reach with labourers or machines;
  2. It’s cheaper than labour or cranes with bulka bags;
  3. It’s mostly quicker than other machines or labourers. EcoBlow can typically install 16m3 in about 2 hours;
  4. Blowing is less-damaging than labourers pushing heavy barrows repeatedly over the same areas and heavy machinery.

When we use blowing

A great example of the kind of project where we use EcoBlow is the work we did at Arena Apartments. We needed to install bulk soil and mulch into raised and lowered planter boxes on the first level of the building. Blowing could easily access these areas that would have otherwise been a nightmare for our team.

Try EcoBlow’s service

EcoBlow want to show landscapers and builders around Newcastle how good blowing can be for their projects. They are now offering a Tradie Demonstration for licensed landscapers and builders. If you pay for the material, they’ll blow it in for free.

There are a few pretty reasonable conditions:

  1. You pay the material costs
  2. We’ll blow one material
  3. Maximum material volume is 5m3
  4. Project site must be in Newcastle
  5. Limited to one demonstration per business
  6. You must be a licensed landscape tradesperson or builder

We reckon you should give it a go. You can request a Tradie Demo here.

By the way, blowing is also perfect for top-dressing your lawn and putting a fresh layer of mulch on your gardens.

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