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Add Shade to Your Garden or Deck Area, with Pergolas from Novascope Limited in Hunter Valley

One of the big benefits of having a spacious deck or patio area is that you get a spot where you can enjoy the outdoors. Add a swimming pool, and that outdoor space becomes particularly splendid. The problem is that Australia’s harsh conditions can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors in the summertime—even with a beautiful deck or patio area. Hot, dry, and unforgiving in the direct line of the sun, Australian summers make outdoor entertaining or relaxation tough.

At Novascope Limited, our focus is in building beautiful timber decks and creating artful landscaping for residential clients. The last thing we want is for you to invest in a gorgeously landscaped yard and never get a chance to enjoy it. That’s why we also offer pergolas in Hunter Valley.

Pergolas are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space and can give you many more opportunities throughout the season to enjoy your deck or patio. Thanks to their cross-rafter roofs, pergolas maintain the natural light and airflow of an open-air area, but also provide a bit of shade and relief from the hot beating sun. As a result, you can lounge outside, take meals on the porch or invite guests to enjoy the charms of your landscaping without succumbing to the hot heat of Australian summers.

Novascope Limited can design and build pergolas in Hunter Valley to suit your patio, deck, or landscaping design. Alternatively, we can do your landscaping and decking work from scratch, incorporating a pergola in the design from the start. If you are interested, dial 0249537979 today.