“We are extremely satisfied with the work Novascape did in our yard. Dom was the third person we asked for a quote. He was the first person not to shake his head and make negative comments about the difficulty of our block (it’s steep!). We liked the work crew. They were alert and tolerated our dogs and crazy yard.

We would recommend Novascape and will be calling them again in 2019 to get more work done.”

Kate S., Cardiff Heights

Removing a collapsing retaining wall

Kate’s block is steep! But with the right equipment, we were able to get the job done. We began by removing the collapsing treated pine retaining wall. We excavated the area to the correct levels, to pour a concrete footing and create a new garden bed.

Building a tiered Tasman Block retaining wall

The new segmental block wall included two tiers. The first, at ground level, essentially replaced a failing wall and allowed the owners to retain some established plants while creating a new garden bed. The second tier was built in front of an existing block wall to tie in with another section of block wall. We core-filled both sections with concrete to increase their mass, making them extremely strong.

Blowing in aggregate

We engaged the team at EcoBlow to blow in 20mm drainage aggregate behind the wall. Blowing in the aggregate meant our tradesmen didn’t need to bring the aggregate in by bucket or barrow. It was a very quick and cost-effective way to get the aggregate in. It’s particularly well-suited to steep blocks like Kate’s.

We think the whole area is neater and safer.

If you’ve got a steep block that needs a bit of work, Book a Site Consultation so that we can come and take a look. We won’t shake our heads at you.

If you’re thinking about replacing a failing retaining wall, take a look at our Retaining Wallspage.

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