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Composite versus Timber: Why You Should Opt for a Timber Deck Builder in Newcastle

If you are thinking about adding a decking installation to your home in Newcastle, you are probably wondering about the corresponding pros and cons of composite and timber decks. While you might think of timber decks as the more traditional and high quality option, composite materials have grown in estimation in recent years. Which option will give you more for your money?

In most cases, while composite materials have improved over the years, you will still want to hire a timber deck builder in Newcastle. Composite decks generally cost more than timber decks—a trade-off that is supposed to be made worthwhile by the lower maintenance of composite decks. However, just like timber, composite materials can warp, scratch, mould, and fade. Where you can restore timber with cleaning, sealing, staining and painting, it is harder to restore composite materials. For instance, most composites can’t be stained or painted, which means that once the colour of your composite boards starts to fade, there isn’t much you can do to reverse or correct the trend.

Furthermore, timber decks just look more natural than composite materials, which can sometimes look a bit plastic. If you are building your deck to impress guests or woo potential homebuyers, a timber deck is far more likely to encourage euphoric reactions.

If you need a timber deck builder in Newcastle, look no further than Novascope Limited. We love working with timber and do so exclusively, never using composite materials in our decks. In our opinion, the natural look, feel, and sustainability of timber will always be superior. To contact us, call 0249537979 today.