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Project Description

A miraculous transformation of our yard. We love it!

That’s how Jenny Swanson responded when we asked her what she thinks of the work Dominic’s team put together at her property in Morpeth.

Jenny invited us to remodel her entire yard. We started out the front by correcting soil levels, and laying some turf on the footpath. Between her boundary fence and carport was an awkward narrow space where a raised planter box was built. It’s a great use of that space. We used core-filled Versaloc blocks, installed a water proofing membrane on the inside, added capping pieces and filled it up with high quality organic soil. Jenny has planted herbs into this neat waist height garden bed.

Down the side of the house, between the path and boundary, we created rich, mulched garden beds filled with Grevillea ‘Moonlight’, Syzygium ‘Cascade’, a great native grass called Poa australis, Lomandras and Hardenbergias.

Out the back, we used 20mm Nepean River pebble, separated from the garden by 100mm aluminium link edge, under the clothes line. The rest of the backyard was converted into one large garden bed separated by a winding path. We corrected the levels and brought in organic topsoil, put on a 75mm layer of 15mm pine bark and then got started on the plants. We got particularly excited about this project because Jenny wanted a really interesting selection of plants. We put in Cycad revoluta, Apsplenium australasicum, Cyathea cooperi and some great Giant Bromeliads. We love the delicious shades of green that are achieved with splashes of bright colour.

To keep it all well maintained, we installed an underground three zone fully automated irrigation dripper system. The system was preset and mounted on tap (allowing it to be removed for hand watering).


Project Details