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Project Description

Bush Garden at Murray’s Beach

We love bush gardens. And this one at Murray’s Beach is a great example of what’s possible when we have a clear block to begin with (except for the existing trees, of course!). We were asked to work around the existing trees on the block to create a native space that would attract bird life while also providing the kids with a place to play.

Tasman Block Retaining Wall

We began by getting the soil levels correct across the entire front yard. We constructed a small Tasman Block retaining wall at the front of the property near to the house. This wall was bout 18 metres long with a maximum height of about 600mm. To ensure longevity, the first course of blocks was laid on the wet concrete footing.

Steel Garden Edging

Once the wall was finished, we brought in organic turf underlay for the turf areas and organic garden soil for the garden beds. We used 100mm x 4mm Duragal steel as garden edging to help keep the turf out of the gardens and hold the mulch on the beds.


Once the garden beds were edged, we spread recycled forest mulch to the 112 square metre area in preparation for planting. We also mulched an additional 330 square metres of the yard to cover up the soil surface to prevent weed growth and retain soil moisture.

Turf Area

We finished off the front yard with about 130 square metres of Sir Walter Buffalo turf. We applied Sir Launcher fertiliser and rolled and watered the turf.

Native Plants

We completed the garden with a range of lomandra, grevillea, banksia and grasses of varying styles to ensure a thick garden in the future. We used plants that will grow to different heights from ground covers to bushy shrubs and small trees.

We’re really happy with the result on this project. This garden will grow up to be a flowering haven for the native wildlife as well as an adventure-filled place for the kids to discover.