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Project Description

One of the most satisfying jobs is to structurally landscape a complete yard. On this project in Cooranbong, we started with a blank slate and built a little bit of (almost) everything we’re really good at building. Take a look at the photos and have a read about what we built.

Segmental block retaining wall

We began by excavating the site to establish the correct levels for the various components of the design. The segmental block wall required the most excavation because we needed to lay a trench mesh reenforced concrete footing. We laid the first course of segmental blocks directly into the wet concrete. We added 100mm agricultural drainage line and 20mm aggregate wrapped in geotextile fabric behind the wall for drainage. Then, we built up the wall to a maximum of 400mm. We finished it off by backfilling with site soil to get the right levels on the top of the wall.

Sandstone rock retaining wall

In the front yard, we marked out the position of the sandstone rock retaining wall and poured a concrete footing for stability. We laid the first course of sandstone rock into the concrete footing. We then dry-stacked sandstone rock to a maximum height of 600mm. This wall included a set of steps. These were marked out and, as we stacked the rock, we laid rocks appropriate for the steps. For the step treads, we used 40mm sandstone slabs laid on a sand and cement mortar bed. Drainage was included behind the wall.

Sandstone crazy paving

This project included about 36m2 of sandstone crazy paving. We love the look of this paving; it’s different every time! We compacted roadbase in the marked out area. Then, we put down a layer of packing sand and screeded to get the correct fall (away from the house). For the paving, we used 40mm sandstone (we used the same for the step treads out the front) and kept working until we got it just right. The paving was finished with a concrete haunch around the edges and mortar between the pavers to ensure stability.

Merbau deck

For the merbau deck we concreted galvanised supports into the correct positions. Our carpentry team built a treated pine sub frame and mounted it to the supports to keep it off the moist ground. They then finished it with 90mm x 19mm merbau decking boards.

Gravel areas

For the high traffic and low sun areas down both sides of the house, we installed gravel sections. Amounting to about 60m2, we first built 100mm x 38mm treated pine edging. We put down and compacted road base and then lay 14/20mm river gravel to the areas. Using gravel in these high traffic areas makes sense as they are really easy to maintain and look really neat. Adding really hardy shade-loving plants can soften tehse areas.


In the front yard we added 80m2 of Sir Walter Buffalo. We put down organic turf underlay, added Sir Launcher fertiliser, rolled out the turf and then rolled and watered.

Synthetic turf

In the backyard, the owner decided to install a synthetic turf area. We compacted packing sand and rolled out the turf. We swept in dry sand and placed galvanised spikes at regular intervals along the edges to hold the turf in place.

Garden beds

We softened the yard with a series of garden beds. We installed about 120m2 of gardens and added 15mm pine bark mulch. The owner allowed us to choose plants for the space to an agreed budget.

If you like the look of this yard feel free to book a site consultation so we can help you out with your yard.