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Project Description

18 DHA Homes, Corlette, MJH Multi

Novascape were engaged by MJH Multi to landscape the gardens of eighteen new Defence Housing Australia homes in Corlette. We were provided with a budget and plant species recommendations and asked to design and install the landscaping. MJH Multi are very happy with the results (we are too).

Because the homes are located across a range of sites within Vantage Estate , eighteen unique designs were developed to best suit the varying landscapes. Some gardens required additional retaining walls and we developed a range of garden bed layouts to suit.

This project was managed by Tim Helman. Tim also designed the gardens. Retaining wall construction was supervised by Mitch Wilson and soft landscaping was supervised by Rory Stone.

Retaining Walls

Under the guidance of Mitch Wilson, the Novascape team installed twelve treated pine timber post and rail retaining walls. These walls increased the usable flat area in the rear gardens. They also included steps to allow access to the remainder of the yard.

Soft Landscaping

Rory led the Novascape soft landscaping team. We imported soil to site, spread and levelled according to each sites requirements. Some of the sites required garden edging. We utilised brick edging and hardwood timber edging. Various garden beds were topped with pine bark, hardwood chip or recycled forest mulch. We then planted out using species recommended by DHA.

Each home included at least one advanced tree in the front yard.

Edible Plants

We added a personal touch to each garden by planting herbs and fruit trees in every garden.