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Project Description

Novascape were contracted to create this plant-filled yard for a row of five display homes by McDonald Jones Homes at Hunter HomeWorld 2 located at Kingham Court, Thornton.

Sandstone Log Retaining Wall

The Novascape team started by installing the spectacular sandstone logs. We used 2 x 0.5 x 0.5 metre logs to create the retaining walls. These sandstone logs sit on a roadbase footing. This beautiful garden is a great example of how a sandstone log retaining wall can feature in any yard.

Soil and Mulch

After getting the walls in, we levelled off the block to ensure the right fall of the land for drainage. We bought in organic topsoil and organic turf underlay to the garden and turf areas respectively. In the garden beds we spread pine bark mulch to give a rich red colour.

Steppers, Edges and Gravels

We used 400mm x 400mm Quadro pavers as steppers through some of the high traffic areas of the yard. We installed Havenbrick edges to contain the gravel in these areas.


The planting plan for this job was designed by Mark Tisdall Urban Design and features a fantastic range of plants including:

  • Lilly Pilly ‘Allyn Magic’
  • Little Ruby
  • Yellow Kangaroo Paw
  • Japanese Box
  • Gymea Lilly
  • Gardenia Florida and Standard
  • Lilyturf (Liriope muscari)
  • Magnolia
  • Tricolour Jasmine


We used Sir Walter Buffalo turf in these yards. We spread Sir Launcher fertiliser on the turf underlay to help the turf take hold in the new soil.

Job Team

Tim Helman, Jake Bousover, Mitch Wilson, Jacob Collins, Craig Donaldson, Brodie Fasolo, Darrren Finn, Kieren Haddow, Troy Kirsch, Marc Peterson, Jordan Rafton