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Project Description

A neat, low maintenance garden at Harvest, Chisholm

A practical, neat garden that is easy to maintain is what we created for MOJO Homes at their display homes at Harvest in Chisholm. MOJO asked us to create a yard that was great for families with kids and so we created a fantastic space for parents to relax and enjoy while the kids play.

The largest area of the yard was excavated to the correct depths and prepared with organic turf underlay. We then laid Sir Walter Buffalo to create a lush green lawn perfect for running and playing.

We installed Havenbrick garden edging around all the garden beds to neatly separate the lawn and gardens from paved and gravel areas. The bricks are laid on a mortar base to keep them in position and also to help keep the turf out of the garden beds.

For high traffic areas we installed 400 x 400 x 40 Quadro paver steppers surrounded by 10–14mm river gravel to ensure good drainage. These high traffic areas are installed on compacted road base to ensure they have a solid foundation long into the future. In the front yard we added a path of steppers to prevent the lawn from getting soggy and trodden.

For the gardens, we brought in organic soil and 15mm pine bark. Pine bark has a rich red-brown colour that contrasts well against the green lawn and shrubbery. We then planted a range of plants including Syzygyum, Westringia, Philodendron, Lomandra, Dianella and Liriope. In the front and back yards we planted two Acer palmatu or Japanese Maple, which are beautiful deciduous trees. In the backyard we added a Gleditsia triacanthos or Sunburst Honey Locust which will grow to 7–8 metres and provide much welcome shade across part of the yard.

With garden beds that are easy to reach (for weeding), turf areas that aren’t split up (easier to mow) and steppers and gravel in high traffic areas, this style of garden is really easy to maintain. As the plants grow, their foliage will thicken up creating a natural fence.

We’re really happy with this yard and we hope you’ll consider Novascape to build your new MOJO Home’s garden.