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Project Description

NIER Complex, University of Newcastle – Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

We recently completed landscaping works around the NIER C Block building at the University of Newcastle’s Callaghan campus. Contracted by Hansen Yuncken, Novascape’s team installed landscaping around the newly completed building as well as along both sides of a link road between the NIER precinct and the main campus.

The Novascape team was managed by Tim Helman, Novascape’s Director, and supervised by Rory Stone.

Around the Road

To soften the transition between the new link road and existing bushland, we brought in organic soil, layered with recycled forest mulch and mass planted Lomandras. Advanced trees were used as accents and to further integrate the new landscaping with existing bushland.

We constructed beautiful turfed swales down both sides of the link road to channel run-off into drainage pits. Swales are a great natural way of diverting stormwater. We used Dryarna turf as it is particularly effective as an erosion control ground cover, well suited to damp areas.

Around the Building

To improve drainage around the building we installed sandstone spalling (spalling is a style of chipped stone). We introduced organic soil and recycled forest mulch before planting a range of exotic and native plants. Some mass planted areas help to soften the interface with the native bushland common on campus.

In the turfed areas around the building we utilised Sir Walter Buffalo for its hardiness.