Retaining Wall, Eleebana2017-05-26T19:13:07+00:00

Project Description

For this job, Novascape were engaged to remove a partially collapsed two tier crib wall made from old hardwood sleepers.

We replaced it with a single tier treated pine crib wall with a maximum height of 3.6 metres. It’s a beauty! The job involved removing a large quantity of old tyres, old sleepers and completing some excavation to prepare the site. We poured an angled concrete footing to provide a stable base for the wall and then started to build. We incorporated a set of stairs at one end. And a railing and fence will complete construction. This wall increased the usable flat area above by an additional metre.

Novascape specialise in building retaining walls. We can organise to have your plans engineered and can assist you through the development application process to meet council requirements. Check out the Retaining Walls page for more information.

We’re really happy with the work done by our supervisor Jake Boulsover, tradesman Mitch Wilson, labourer Jordan Rafton and apprentice Aiden Magee.

Project Details