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Project Description

Riparian zone and street trees at Warners Bay

KCE engaged Novascape to provide structural landscaping for their residential subdivision on Fairfax Rd in Warners Bay. We prepared for and planted street trees and built a riparian zone that featured over 24,500 tubestock plants.

Riparian zone

KCE excavated the site to the correct levels and gradients so we were able to begin our work without delay. The riparian zone is probably the most impressive part of this project. We stabilised the soil with jute matting pegged into the ground. We used recycled forest mulch to mulch the areas that aren’t subject to flowing water.

Along the watercourse, we created sandstone rock check dams to slow down water flow across the riparian zone.

Riparian zone plants

Riparian zones are designed to stabilise wet areas, prevent erosion and sedimentation of waterways. In this project, we planted out the riparian zone with a large range of canopy trees, shrubs and tubestock plants. These are the plants we used:

Canopy trees

  • Red mahogany
  • Broad-leaved paperbark
  • Forest red gum
  • Swamp mahogany


  • Native wattle
  • Hairpin banksia
  • Flax-leaved paperbark
  • Prickly-leaved tea tree

Grasses and accents

  • Blue flax lilly
  • Barbed wire grass
  • Bladey grass
  • Mat rush
  • Kangaroo grass
  • Tall sawsedge

Street trees

We began by excavating the tree pits. These needed to accept 100L pots and root barrier. We installed 450mm Rootstop root barrier and backfilled. We planted a range of street trees including Crepe Myrtle, Eumundi Quandong and Watergums. All trees were staked and tied to help them establish in a stable vertical position. Each tree is surrounded by a treated timber tree square with the area filled with recycled forest mulch. All of the trees are watered via a Rootrain Urban aeration and watering pipe system.


We’ll continue to maintain the street trees on this project for a period of 52 weeks to ensure they become well-established.

In the riparian zone, we installed a broad-acre style irrigation system to ensure the plants can establish themselves. We’ll maintain this zone for a period of 104 weeks.

Job Team

Supervisor: Jake Boulsover, Rory Stone, Mitch Wilson

Team: Sean Boag, Jacob Collins, Craig Donaldson, Brodie Fasolo, Darren Finn, Kieren Haddow, Troy Kirsch, Marc Peterson, Jordan Rafton

Maintenance: Jacob Collins