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Project Description

The Novascape crew have been working on extensive landscaping at AEH Group’s Sugar Valley Lifestyle Estate in West Wallsend. Managed by our Director Tim Helman, our Site Supervisor Rory Stone continues to deliver outstanding work throughout the estate.┬áSugar Valley is home to about 120 residents in 70 homes with a total of 145 homes due to be built. The estate is nestled right next to Sugar Valley golf course giving Rory and his team a great opportunity to deliver work that blends well with the surrounding areas.

In addition to garden beds, timber edging, metal edging and turf areas along streets and around common areas, much of Novascape’s work is focused on the riparian zone. This is the zone where water meets land and it features strongly in the estate with many homes looking over this area. So far, we’ve landscaped around 2000 square metres around the creek, planting almost 7000 tube stock native grasses and small shrubs. This area features a meandering pathway that allows residents to enjoy the view over the creek towards the golf course.

Project Details