Treated pine post and rail retaining wall, Central Coast2017-05-26T19:13:07+00:00

Project Description

We’ve been digging through our photo archive and found this awesome example of a treated pine post and rail wall that we built on the Central Coast way back in 2006!

On this job, Novascape were asked to remove a deteriorating post and rail wall, excavate the area and build a new two tier wall. The soil that we excavated was moved around the house and used to create a flat area (with another retaining wall).

Notice that the wall that we removed was almost vertical. With this type of wall, it’s really important to angle the wall back into the slope. An engineer determines what angle is required and documents this in engineered plans. If you’re thinking about this kind of wall, you can find out more about whether you need engineered plans, council approval and what type of wall you can build on the Retaining Walls page.

Project Details