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Project Description

Verve, Rumba and Nova display homes for MOJO Homes

MOJO Homes recently engaged us to complete structural landscaping on their VERVE, RUMBA and NOVA homes at Thornton Homeworld, Thornton. These gardens are designed to be low-maintenance and offer a range of plants that are hardy, shade-resistant and will thicken up over time.

Garden beds

We excavated the blocks to achieve the correct levels. We imported organic soil and applied a layer of pine bark mulch to ensure moisture retention in the garden beds. The gardens were planted out with a range of plants including three 75L Magnolia Little Gems, Giant White Bird of Paradise, Syzygium ‘Resilience’, Native Rosemary and Lomandra Tanika.

Sandstone paving

In the back yard of the Nova display home we created a really neat paved are around a fire pit. We used 50mm sandstone flagging and laid in a random crazy pattern. We applied a concrete haunch to stabilise the edge of the paved area and filled the gaps with gap sand.

Raised planter boxes

We built a number of raised planter boxes to provide structure and create spaces within the gardens. Using 150mm Besser Blocks with 12mm reinforced steel throughout, we created planters up to 400mm high. We core-filled the blocks with concrete to increase stability and ensure a really long lifespan. The planters were then rendered and painted.

Stepping stone path

For the stepping stone paths between the homes, we used 400mm x 400mm Quadro pavers set on mortar beds and surrounded by 10–14mm river gravel. These paths are hard wearing and well-suited to high traffic areas where turf would be prone to becoming soggy and worn out.


To ensure that the turf doesn’t grow into the garden beds and paved areas, we used 200mm x 100mm Havenbrick edging. Laid on a concrete bed, these bricks form barriers between the gardens, turf and gravel areas. We used treated timber edging at the base of the boundary fence.


We provided a twelve week maintenance period to ensure the turf and plants could establish themselves.

*Supervisors: Jake Boulsover, Rory Stone

Team: Sean Boag, Craig Donaldson, Brodie Fasolo, Darren Finn, Kieren Haddow, Troy Kirsch, Marc Peterson*