We love to encourage and support our staff to give back to the community. Sheridan, our Operations Manager, spent her Saturday raising funds to support the Marching Koalas.

Off to Pasadena

The Marching Koalas are a youth marching band based in Newcastle. They regularly perform locally at both corporate and public events. They applied to participate in the Pasadena Tournament of the Roses, in California USA on New Year’s Day in 2018, and were honoured to be one of the few international bands accepted. The parade will be televised internationally and watched by more than 2 million viewers.

Newcastle Jockey Club showed their support by allowing Sheridan and other supporters, along with some of the band, to rattle buckets during Saturday’s races.

Show your support

If you’d like to book the Koalas to perform at your event, or you’d like to provide financial support, give Sheridan a call. She’ll put you in touch with one of the Koala’s management team.

We wish the Marching Koalas all the success they need to make it to Pasadena.

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