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Project Description

McDonlad Jones’ San Marino display home

McDonald Jones Homes recently engaged us to complete structural landscaping on their San Marino display home at Harvest, Chisholm. We really enjoyed building this garden and particularly like the focus on outdoor entertaining. Here’s what we did.

Garden beds and paths

This garden utilised some well-delineated garden beds between hard areas such as paving, retaining walls and planter boxes. We brought in organic soil and topped them with pine bark mulch. The garden beds have been planted out with a great selection of plants (see below).

Through some of the garden areas we also installed stepping stones and gravel. We first built a solid base of compacted road base. Then we laid Quadro pavers (400mm x 400mm) on mortar bases and surrounded them with 10–14mm river gravel.

Paved entertaining area

This project included a larger paved informal entertaining area. We again created a solid base with compacted road base and used a layer of screeded packing sand to get the right drainage levels. We installed a header course of 100mm x 200mm Havenbrick around the edge of the paved area and filled in the space with 400mm x 400mm Quadro pavers colour-matched to the Havenbrick header course. The edges were finished with a concrete haunch to hold the pavers firmly in place and we used gap sand to firm up the gaps between the pavers.


In the front yard we installed steel edging between garden beds and lawn areas. In the backyard we used Havenbrick Edging (100mm x 200mm) set on a mortar bed. Using edging is an attractive and very effective way to keep lawn out of garden beds and prevent your mulch getting onto your lawn.

Plant selection

The plant selection on this project is a great example of how different plant species can work together to create a lush green garden. Here are a selection of the plants we used:

  • Magnolia Little Gem (75L)
  • Pyrus calleryana (75L)
  • Strelitzea nicolia (75L)
  • Japanase Box (25L)
  • Cycas revoluta (45L)
  • Camelia sasanqua
  • Gardenia magnifica
  • Liriope
  • Philodendron
  • And many more.

We’re really happy with how neat this garden looks. We particularly like the feature Strelitzea reginae (Bird of Paradise) in feature pots on the private deck at the side of the home.

Take a look for yourself – the San Marino display home is open 10–5 daily at Lot 105 Harvest Boulevard.

Supervisors: Jake Boulsover, Mitch Wilson

Team: Kieren Haddow, Troy Kirsch, Marc Peterson